Use Of The Bearing

Bending is carried out successive points zigzag plate shaping machine, having a rolling O, U-shaped, multi-stage R, which are not the same as the function of the shape of the plate. When we use it is more emphasis on the use of bearings, bearing today we talk about Bending Caution in the use of:

1, in the use of coiling machine to make use of appropriate, accurate means something, try to use something special, something trying to avoid using fabric and staple fiber and the like;

2, when you want to use the device carefully, do not allow a strong punch, does not allow a direct hit with a hammer bearing, allowed to pass through the roll body pressure;

3, adhere to wash Bending bearing and the surrounding environment. Smile even invisible dust into the bearings, bearing wear will also be added, oscillation and noise;

4, to avoid Bending corrosion of bearings, bearing directly by hand when handling, plenty to wash hands sweat, and then coated with excellent mineral oil to operate in the dry season and summer special attention to rust;