Use Bending Pay Attention To Safety

Although Bending practicality is better, but have to admit, it is still a relatively risk coiling machine, in order to make use of a self absolutely safe, we should certainly pay attention when using. Let provision is that each coiling machine is demand as people as a professional, as guardian of identity. Whether the machine is still the beginning of the operation have been completed needs the consent of the guardian's consent, since one is not able to operate freely. Although when using demand data with our hands to put up, but after all, is to roll the board of the machine, be sure to pay attention to safety, his hands and arms and machine can not be too close to avoid the risk of what will really attack. Operation Do not cranky, to operate it today, the day before the night to sleep early, to ensure that the next day to have plenty of energy. Bending using time division will certainly need to be able to focus, tapping machine is the same, we have to put the time from a personal safety first.

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