The Price Of Paper Products Is Difficult To Return Back

Key Info:In addition to the major carton factory miserable, and even has spread to the downstream customers, there are a number of cosmetics brand agents admits that the price of the carton industry in 2016, "tide of price increases" can be said to pull the whole body, , In recent months a number of brands in the terminal are out of stock, out of stock phenomenon, the reason most of the shortage of supply of cartons, paper products difficult to return to the previous price.

These days, many paper manufacturers have risen their products, not only thermal paper, A4 copy paper, packing paper and so on. Why do they all take actions on price?

The followings are some main reasons on price rising tend.

  1.  A number of paper mills was closed because of environment pollution.

  2. Lacking of paper.

  3. Raw material cost is the most important reason for paper prices rising.

  4. Depreciation of paper money.

  5. Rising transport costs.

  6. Packaging paper growing trend

  7. ...other objective factors of paper prices.

According to the paper mills responsible person said, the future base paper prices also refer to how the price of coal and other raw materials, as now can not buy the previous five yuan a pound of pork, the paper is difficult to return to the previous price.

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