The Latest Development Trend Of Foreign Packaging

Core points: Paper packaging is the people's green packaging, energy saving, saving resources, It has many advantages. On the international market, the era of food paper packaging has arrived.


1 .Analysis on Development Trend of Foreign Paper Packaging Industry

Offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods coexist and the flexographic printing will grow fastest; single-layer materials to the multi-layer material direction; the development of foreign paper packaging and printing technology presents the following new features: (Such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, etc.) to continuously optimize the entire production system.

The development trend of foreign paper packaging containers is: a molding of molded paper containers will gradually replace the current die-cutting combination of paper containers; deep coating technology to gradually replace the past waxing; composite technology has become an important paper container development skills; CAD and CAM The system will greatly shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of paper packaging containers. In addition, the focus on the development of paper products packaging low-weight, high-strength, lightweight high-grade paper packaging, to achieve standardization, serialization, multi-species, multi-substrate, multi-purpose goals.

2. Japan introduced a new type of glass wrapping paper

In recent years, rapid development of the packaging industry, as an indispensable package material also ushered in a broad market. At the same time, people's demand for the diversification of the packaging market also put forward higher demand. Recently, a Japanese company introduced a new type of glass wrapping paper, can extend the shelf life of fresh food.

Japan, a company introduced a new type of glass wrapping paper for packaging fruit, vegetables and other fresh food, to their aging process, so that shelf life of 2 times. The cellophane surface coated with a layer of special chemicals called hinokitiol, this material can promote fruit and vegetables mature ethylene-producing enzyme activity, thereby extending its shelf life. The use of this wrapping paper not only makes it easy to transport such foods over long distances, but also reduces the amount of preservative used and the cost.

3. Analysis on the Development Trend of Foreign Glass Packaging Industry

Glass packaging industry In order to compete with new packaging materials and containers such as paper products containers and plastic bottles, glass bottle manufacturers in developed countries have been making efforts to make product quality more reliable, more beautiful appearance, lower cost and cheaper price.

In order to achieve these objectives, the development trend of foreign glass packaging industry mainly in the following areas:

4. The use of advanced energy-saving technologies

Saving energy and improve the quality of melting, to extend the kiln to make energy Another way is to increase the amount of broken glass, broken glass abroad to join the amount of 60% -70%. It is desirable to use 100% broken glass to achieve the goal of "eco" glass production.

5. Lightweight bottle

In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, lightweight bottles are the leading products of glass bottles.

Obedand company produces glass bottles, 80% of the disposable bottle is lightweight. Precise control of raw material composition, precise control of the whole process of melting, small-mouth pressure blowing (NNPB), hot and cold end spraying of bottles and bottles, on-line inspection and other advanced technologies are fundamental to achieve bottle lightweight. Some countries are developing new bottle surface enhancement technology, trying to further reduce the weight of the bottle.

6. Improve labor productivity

The key to improving the labor productivity of glass bottle manufacturing is how to improve the speed of glass bottle forming. At present the developed countries generally adopted the approach is to use multiple groups, multi-drop material forming machine. High-speed molding machine matching large-scale furnace, there must be a large number of stable supply of high-quality glass liquid capacity, drop temperature and viscosity to meet the requirements of the best molding conditions.

To this end, the ingredients must be very stable raw materials, glass bottle manufacturing enterprises in developed countries used by the standardization of raw materials mostly from specialized raw material manufacturers to provide. Melting quality of the kiln thermal parameters to use digital control system to achieve the optimal control of the whole process.

7. Improve production concentration

In order to adapt to the glass packaging industry is facing other challenges of new packaging products caused by severe competition situation, a large number of glass packaging production enterprises began to merge and reorganization, to improve the glass container industry concentration, in order to optimize the allocation of resources, improve economies of scale, reduce disorderly competition, Enhance the development capability, which has become the current trend of the world glass packaging industry.

Recycling economy is expected to become the future development of the packaging industry, the main mode of packaging waste recycling will achieve industrialization, green packaging materials will be vigorously development and development of packaging based industries will accelerate development.

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