Register Paper Roll Types

Do you know the types of register paper rolls?

Can you distinguish each current paper roll for cash register or POS machine?

Today, we talk about the types of register paper. 

Let us help you to make the correct printer paper purchase with this useful guide. Here, we will explain the types of register tape, and provide you with a printable guide to determine the exact roll width that your current printer requires. All you need is a current roll of your cash register paper and a few minutes of your time. 

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  • Carbonless paper

    Carbonless paper features a convenient two-ply design which produces both a yellow and a white copy. This results in both a copy for you and a copy for the customer. It works by using a traditional register printer with a standard register ribbon. The ribbon prints onto the first copy and the pressure  from the printing transfers a copy onto the second sheet for a duplicate print.

  • Thermal paper

    Thermal paper is a special fine paper which colors in reaction to a heat source. Typically, this paper will turn black when heated. Heat from the printer is directed in a specific and detailed manner to generate print writing.

  • Traditional paper

  • Traditional POS paper is printed upon with a standard register ribbon. It's ideal for situations where only one copy of a receipt is needed

    Three Primary Colors