Price Rising Bigger In The Word Market

Recently, China's paper industry set off a wave of price increases, waste paper prices gave birth to the price of corrugated wrapping bullish. In fact, look at the global paper industry, paper price surge occurred in China, not only limited to a variety of corrugated wrapping paper. Recently, the world's leading paper manufacturers to give paper prices notice issued by a few dealers, price decisions related to a variety of paper varieties, price increases ranging from 5% to 10%.


America International Paper, As the world's largest papermaker, announced a price increase of at least 5% for all non-coated wood-free products and brands.

Brazil's leading pulp and paper producers Suzano Pulp & Paper Company also announced that will promote the uncoated wood pulp paper prices, the initial plan price increase of 5%;


France Smurfit Kappa The world's leading producer of wrapping paper announced that it has increased the price of its WLC products by £ 60 per tonne of pulp, effective from 1 December.

Finland UPM The world's leading paper producer, announced plans to increase the price of coated and uncoated high-grade paper, including printing and publishing paper, is expected to raise prices in about 10%.

Finland Stora Enso (Stora Enso), the world's leading paper manufacturer, announced that its coated and uncoated wood pulp products without price, price increases of 10%, plans from January 2, 2017 Implementation

Navigator, the world's leading producer of office supplies, announced a price increase of 6% for its uncoated wood-free paper on December 15 and said it would continue to improve in January 2017 The price of the product;

Since late November, Fedrigoni has announced that it will raise prices for all of its products, ranging from 5% to 8%

Arjowiggins GraphicGraphic (Arnold Wiggins), the world's leading producer of recycled paper, will raise the prices of coated and uncoated, recycled and non-ground wood pulp paper produced by the company in January, starting in January. 10%;

Sweden's Arctic Paper has announced a price increase of 10% for all its products.

Lecta, Spain's largest paper producer, has announced a price increase of 10% for all its products.

Italian-based Burgo Group's UK division announced a price hike of 10 percent on January 3,

Sappi (Europe), the world's leading producer of coated paper, wrapping paper and specialty paper, announced that it will increase the price of its printing paper products in the UK by 10%.

In addition, the Chinese paper prices sold to Europe, paper products are also rising prices, Sinar Mas Group APP announced in the United Kingdom will Jindong Paper and Jinhua Sheng Paper all non-coated products, the price increase of 10% in January next year, .

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