Merry Christmas

Different Origins Of Christmas

  1. It is said about the sixteenth century, the Germans among the first to the evergreen pine and cypress branches to get in the house to display and later, Germany missionaries Martin Luther candle on the fir tree in the woods, and then lit so that It seems to be a guide to the people of the Star of Bethlehem, as the pre-2000 Eastern Dr. accordance with the three stars in the sky to find Jesus in general. Today, people have been using small bulbs instead of candles.

  2. Legend in a long time ago, a farmer, on Christmas day met a poor child, he warmly welcomed the children, the children leave the fold under the pine root inserted in the ground and immediately turned into a pine tree, Hung above the gift to farmers in return for its good intentions.

Christmas Day is the time to be with family! Best wishes to you, everyone comes to our website!

Hope you everything is going well in the next year, as well as our cooperation!

Three Primary Colors