Learn The Coils Commonly Used Alloy

Alloy is a metallic material characteristics of two or more kinds of metal and nonmetal synthesized by a certain method. Typically by melting and solidification synthesis homogeneous liquid is obtained. We would often two or more metal elements or metal additive metal material having metallic properties of other non-metallic elements by alloying process (melting, mechanical alloying, sintering, vapor deposition, etc.) formed a group called the alloy. Today we'll talk about you a simple and volumes of common alloy bar!

1. intermetallic compound alloy: Alloy together to form compounds such as copper, zinc composition brass (β- brass, γ- ε- brass and brass) and the like;

2. The mixture of alloy (eutectic mixture): When the liquid alloy solidification, the components constituting the alloy are made of crystalline alloys such as solder, bismuth-cadmium alloy;

3. solid solution alloy, solid solution alloy, such as gold and silver alloy is formed when liquid alloy solidification; many properties of the alloy than pure metals, it is often used in the application of the material alloy.

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