Forging Technology

Bending forging is our professional operators using the forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal blank, then allowed to undergo plastic deformation, it has a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape of the forging process approach. Following small careful to talk about this skill.

Let's also eliminate metal by forging cast loose, welding holes, generally superior mechanical properties of the forgings castings same data. High mechanical load, harsh working conditions of the main parts, in addition to relatively simple shapes available rolled sheet, profiles or welded parts, the use of forgings. Forging forming is commonly used in machinery manufacturing approach. Bending press forging billet temperature during processing can be divided into cold and hot forging. Cold forging is usually at room temperature processing, forging is machined on the blank metal above the recrystallization temperature. Sometimes also in a heated condition, but the forging temperature does not exceed the recrystallization temperature when performed as warm forging. However, this distinction is not completely consistent production, not the same way there is not the same forging process, usually by forging To view the appearance and hardness.