Bending Domestic Manufacturers Are Faced With The Kind Of Institutional Development It

From an institutional point of view and mechanisms, human intelligence is the arrival of a production tool of the times, and the former state-owned enterprises as the mainstay of the market structure, has been broken, on the one hand, economic CNC machine tools and CNC machine tools, high-grade trend appeared significant differentiation, improve the reliability and the level of industrialization of CNC machine tools marks the emergence of intelligent machines began to develop, from product structure, CNC machine tool production has been greatly improved, general machine tools inventories, excess capacity On the other hand, high-end large-scale machine tool orders, still full, there is a shortage of potential, strengthen research CNC machine tools common and key technologies such as high-speed technology, intelligent technology, composite technology and environmental technology, the common and key technologies research must to high-end CNC machine tool development as the main goal.