What effect the displacement transducer

Bending displacement transducer consists of two parts mechanical transmission organizations and pulse transmitter. The former usually have a rack and pinion drive or rope and other methods; the latter has a magnetic or photoelectric like. They should be able to be an excellent habit of casting rolling machine production process oscillation, high temperature, dust and more frequent moves with oil and other issues.

Automatic measurement scale forging, rolling machine on the anvil (activity or activities beams structure) displacement can be converted by the displacement transducer into electrical pulses, on the one hand and appeared by counting, measuring and automatically appear on Bending anvil stroke or forging scale practice in the casting process; on the other hand constantly compared in control machine with a given value, when the stroke reaches a predetermined setpoint, announced that signal through an expanded, driving electro-hydraulic converter, then the corresponding drive It valves to control the operation or operations coiling machine.