What coiling machine maintenance needs attention

When coiling the need for timely repair failures encountered, you can quickly find the problem with this, and in time, we should look at the level of the repair personnel. Want to make accurate and timely identification, repair coiling machine operator must have the following requirements:

(1) Bending grasp various commonly used (especially the scene) of the test equipment, instruments and tools.

(2) understand the coiling construction, with test skills and strong ability to begin operations and high sense of responsibility and an outstanding work ethic.

(3) hold computer skills, basic analog and digital circuits, automatic control and motor drive, the basics of a certain level of foreign language skills Bending inspection and machining technology.

(4) hold about CNC, drive and PLC works jobs through outstanding skills training, to understand CNC programming and programming languages.

More than just a few basic conditions, a lot of bending machine failures are trained in practice, the main one is the fact Bending repair experience.