What are the strengths of hydraulic machine has

1, operational stability, shock and vibration is small, low noise, which is the health of workers, the plant foundations, the surroundings and the device itself has a great advantage.

2, voltage, speed convenient. Hydraulic pressure operating fluid to transfer energy, capable of conditioning use various ways to control valve pressure regulator and pressure limiting, and can reliably avoid overload, help protect the tooling and equipment. Activities beam velocity conditioning large scale, the same technology can be used to not working speed of the process is not the same requirement.

3, easy to get a larger total pressure and a larger working space. This is the most prominent strengths of the hydraulic machine. According to the principle of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic machine to perform element configuration is simple, and the device can leave the power arrangement can be multi-cylinder operation, fluid pressure and piston (or plunger) operating area can vary within a large scale. And because the hydraulic machine is a static device that does a lot of ground, it is possible to achieve significant tonnage. Now all kinds of molding equipment, more restrictive If students more choice tonnage hydraulic machine, one hundred thousand level and above are basically kN hydraulic press.