Storm Of Price Rising

Waste paper is rising, transportation is rising, energy is rising...All costs are up before the Spring Festival. Especially, paper for packing carton is increasingly rising. The tendency of price rising is more and more hot.

Recently, the domestic paper market once again usher in price tide. As of late November, China has about 46 paper-making enterprises raised the price of base paper, the price increase rate of 50 RMB/Ton to 250 RMB/Ton. The industry is expected in recent months, the paper industry boom is expected to be improved.

For paper prices reasons, paper industry analysts said the end of the year is the annual demand for paper industry peak season. At the same time, most domestic manufacturers use domestic waste paper production, with the change in people's reading habits, waste newspapers, magazines, books and other recycling volume has decreased, resulting in domestic waste paper prices.

Analysts believe that the World Internet Conference held in the enterprise caused by the shutdown of production will inevitably lead to reduced inventory, is bound to bring a new wave of paper prices. Due to the experience of similar meetings before, Zhejiang and the surrounding East China some paper mills began to advance prices. In addition, from October 20, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate began in 20 provinces thorough investigation, a number of paper-making enterprises do not meet environmental protection policy will be eliminated, the withdrawal of small businesses, is bound to further enhance the large paper factory's voice.

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