Prepare hydraulic machine prior to commissioning

Electro-hydraulic servo valve is stiff, hydraulic and electrical integration of fine merchandise, organization, before commissioning necessary to have knowledge about the foundation, in particular, to read detailed understanding of goods samples and instructions. Meticulous following points:

Type and program needs a tissue is not fit servo valve, the servo valve actuators factory, the static function identification information is not complete;

b servo amplifier type and technical data are not in line with program requirements, which can be scheduled with the parameters to be established by the use of servo valve chamber;

Control coil coupling method c check electro-hydraulic servo valve in series, parallel or coupled differential method, which meet the program requirements;

d reaction of the sensor type and connection method is not necessary to meet the scheme, in particular the sensor meticulous precision, it directly affects the control accuracy of the system;

e Check the oil pressure source and stability of the program is not in line with demand, and if the system has an accumulator, inflation pressure should be checked frequently coupled fluid clean. Oil mixed with impurities, it will cause the slide valve stuck, blocked pores or slits leaving savings of hydraulic components is not working properly, and the relative moving parts wear increased.