Note the use of hydraulic bending machine

When the main drive hydraulic bending machine downtime before proceeding to the lift on the roll, flip bearing dumping Reset and roll tilt. During operation, if found abnormal phenomenon of irregular noise, shock, should immediately stop inspection. Hydraulic bending machine operator of each person to be in harmony with each other, the person in charge of compliance Coil command, no password is prohibited to start the machine.

Coiling machine coil operation should be great attention to hand suppress steel and steel is involved with. When turned on, when the reference point can not find a reference point because scale readings title spliced area is loose, causing the machine during the return stroke, the reading head can not coincide with the scale reference point and at the moment the stroke of cylinder has run out, the pump load conditions in the job. If so this factor, you need to press the red button to abort the NC system, the reference point suspension, hydraulic bending machine from scratch Cohesion calibrated scale convergence plate, re-entering the job situation in manual form, the slider down manually, let slide coincides with the lower mold and then into the form of semi-automatic or manual operation status, the reference point from the beginning, troubleshooting.