Bending Welding Repair

1, coiling SMAW welding selection, since the joint use of lower intensity with a soft zone, the manufacturer of the more common E5015 electrode;

2, respectively, as required in the processing shaft and the roll surface cracks at the groove surface, and with the PT 100% non-destructive inspection to ensure shortcomings groove surface without cracks;

3, the first fixture set into a small shaft, pay attention to the depth from the rolling machine set into the end face is not less than 180mm, then set all fixtures and small shafts in the big shaft end, set into the depth of 300mm;

4, with a flame gun welded joints within the range of 300mm uniformly preheated to 300 ℃, and welding, after welding process after the end of each welding with 1Kg small steel hammer hammer evenly, check the weld surface quality without fault and layer temperature at 300 ℃ ~ 320 ℃ before the next layer welding;

5, the electrode does not wobble during welding, the choice of multi-pass welding pressure approaches the coiling groove area filled higher than the axis of the roller surface of 1.5 ~ 2mm;

6, welding the weld line in immediate succession around the tightly wrapped with insulation blankets, the joint slow cooling;

7, cooled to room temperature and allowed to stand for 24 hours or more weld and surrounding base material is 100% PT inspection requirements look no disadvantage, qualified after correcting jig cut, grinder to remove the remaining weld horn Bending seam reinforcement and repair parts of the transition to grind fillet of R10.