Bending maintenance

Bending, its work, we should be how to maintain it? One aspect of that is what we are more concerned about, so today, Xiao Bian I must take this opportunity to update the article to talk about the good this regard, we hope that learning can be understood through the following to understand to understand and grasp, then it can be very Good luck to go into practice, thereby extending the life of the rolling machine. Below that, we come to it in detail.

1. Ban ago

(1) equipment should be necessary lubrication should be carried out in accordance with the rules of the request, and pay attention to the oil cleaning.

(2) on the power switch, ground equipment, various parts, transmission couplings and safety equipment for viewing, is not intact, and is not normal.

2. squad

(1) the motor and observe the view, its sensitivity, robustness, temperature, sound and oscillations is not normal.

(2) electrical safety device is not reliable, as well as the drive member is not unusual and the like.

3. After the ban

(1) cut off the power supply device, view it, sweeping and cleaning, and make lubrication.

(2) The working environment clean and tidy, clean and tidy to make it stick, no debris.