Bending how to nitriding and precision spindle stabilization process

Bending to ensure the quality and precision spindle nitriding treatment of stable, reasonable arrangements for the heat treatment process. Nitriding treatment before quenching pot and two stress relieving heat treatment step. Quenched and nitrided spindle is very important, since the nitriding spindle 'does not seek to obtain a uniform sorbite detailed arrangements after quenching, and a request from the 8 to the outer surface of the outer ferrite pseudo lOmm within shall not exceed 5%. The presence of surface iron chain body, will form nitriding brittle, causing nitriding quality. Since the spindle nitriding nitriding layer is thin, the twists and turns before nitriding correct balance when deformed if the spindle to eliminate internal stress is not good, there will be a large white deformed after nitriding, so that the nitrided layer has a thickness not offset by grinding, so fine spindle before infiltration j, security must eliminate stress step. For the Philippines nitriding fine spindle, despite the appearance before security hardening terminals without holding except stress treatment, but in the quenching and coarse grinding of hardened steel remaining stable austenite arrangements to secure the workpiece dimensions and eliminate work stress, the demand schedule low temperature / efficiency. Accuracy and timeliness of times depending on the construction characteristics of the parts may be.