Bending causes and treatment does not turn

1, when rolled narrow cylinder, should be placed on the roll center rolled.

2, the workpiece into the roll, should be avoided in the hands and clothes caught in the rollers.

3, the workpiece must be placed in a smooth, ability to drive operations work after being bit, and should be a clear signal, designate one command.

4, hand shall not be placed on the rolled steel sheet and ban use template view, rear view down model with quasi roundness.

5, when the rolled workpiece is not enough full circle, rolled steel to the end, to set aside a certain margin, to prevent the workpiece fall injuries.

6, in operation, the workpiece is prohibited to stand on, nor find the roundness of the cylinder has been good roll.

7, rolling thick, the diameter of the large cylinder or greater intensity profile of the workpiece, the minority should be reduced by repeatedly moving the rolls and rolled shape.